Was It Because I Thought About Doing A Race?

disappointmentThis will be short. I was so happy I thought things were improving and then last night happened. I had 3 nights where I was able to sleep without taking pain medications. It was awesome.

Last night I was able to get to sleep without the pain meds so when I woke up a few hours later I was happy – I was on night four!!!! But as usual, I had to get up and then because of my restless legs I went out to the other computer (the stand up desk) like I do most nights and played Solitaire for about 15 minutes (a habit to combat my restless leg syndrome and usually it works just fine).

Last night, however, after I was done and went back to bed, the pain was flaring and I couldn’t get it gone either with my “ARC” device which usually helps a lot or with my TENS unit. So I had to get up and take my Tramadol. I was so disappointed but knew I needed sleep – I didn’t get that much anyway because it was late by the time it worked. I debated taking a day off today to sleep but there’s too much to do.

I think (but hope I’m wrong) that the Universe was telling me to get real because all day long yesterday I was contemplating doing ARFTA (A Race For The Ages) in September even if I couldn’t complete the full 100 miles. It’s a loop course so I could wear my “homeless” shirts but now I’m wondering again. Damn.