Confusion…But Not Totally Complaining

Getting Cocky Doesn't Pay

I have learned this week that getting cocky doesn’t pay. I’m sure this is an important life lesson.

I was starting to have less episodes of pain and one morning was really feeling as if there was hope this thing would go away soon. Next thing I know I’m at work and “BANG!” – here it comes again. And it was fierce that day too. Nuts. I even had to take a tramadol during the day and that is something I try desperately to avoid (unless I’m going on a plane). Crap.

Then for the last two nights I have been able to sleep (and sleep well) without taking any pain medications. I was ecstatic Friday night when that happened but when it happened two nights in a row, it was as if I had won the lottery. So, why did I title this “confusion” – because during the day yesterday after a great night the night before, the pain was pretty bad. I don’t understand how (or why) that happens. It’s not really random but it’s very strange since previously there was no way I could even get into bed and lie down without that “branding iron” pain hitting.

As I said in the title, I’m not complaining – complaining doesn’t do any good anyway – but I am certainly confused.

I have up’d my Gabapentin and now I’m up to 1600 mg a day (still with plenty of room to work but I have to go slow to work with the side effects – and usually I have to start the increase on the weekend so if there are problems with it, it will be ok).

Keep your fingers crossed please. I have declared to my body that SIX MONTHS will be enough! At the six month mark, I will be all better! Two weeks from now!  So, we’ll see.


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2 thoughts on “Confusion…But Not Totally Complaining

  1. Seems as if there are small periods of remission so maybe things are slowly improving. So happy you have had at least a slight break from the pain.

    • It’s very interesting (if i can step outside myself) to see how things happen. I’m hoping it’s on it’s way out! Thanks for your support