Do I Have The Ability To Be Responsible????

Operation Husky Is Pending

duke editedMeet Duke! He’s absolutely gorgeous and is 8 years old. He has had a great home so there’s none of the issues you might expect with a rescue dog. I met him and fell in love. But when I got home, I began to question myself and my abilities at this time.

Between the depression of losing my best friend and the continual pain, I don’t feel very responsible. I am not sure I could really take care of him. I do know that he would certainly take over and help eliminate the loneliness here. But I want to do good by him and I just continually doubt myself.

What if I have a bad day with pain and can’t take him out for a walk for pleasure (I have a doggie door so he will be able to go out whenever he wants to but I know he’ll want to go for walks too and I want to be able to walk with him – not sure what will happen with my pain but willing to try.

I have to clean up the house making it doggie proof and that’s an ominous task right now. I’m not sure at all. I have to see what my heart and mind come up with. I’ll keep you posted.


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2 thoughts on “Do I Have The Ability To Be Responsible????

  1. Do it. The rewards reaped from having a new friend are all worth the self doubt and pain. Don’t let it define your life; you are stronger than that.

    • Thanks Marie – I needed that vote of confidence. It helps tremendously. You are right about trying not to let it define my life. I am closer to that good decision. Thanks again