Dreading the Plane Trip Home

Getting here to D.C. was trying enough on Tuesday. I did pretty well with my back “pressure” device (one of the few ways I can relieve that burning pain when it comes) but I also had to take too many (in my estimation) pain pills to get through it.

I have to go through the same ordeal tonight when I return home. This time I will use my TENS and hope that I can make it through TSA security without much problem. I will also take the pain meds before I get on the plane and have my device. But when the “cattle brand” comes, it comes with a vengeance and there is NO stopping it.

I only got a few hours of sleep last night so maybe that will help me sleep on the way back.

I just want to get home so I can take my shirt off and sleep in my own bed…and relax this coming weekend.


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