It Wasn’t So Bad…..

I was amazed…and thankful…and filled with gratitude for my TENS unit. I made it through the morning conference with my back support (it’s the best way I can describe it) with a few twinges that made me think I might have to reach for the Tramadol. But fortunately, between the TENS and the back thingie, I was able to make it without meds. I got to the airport very early and checked in, ate, and tried to nap while waiting for the plane. This was a bit tough but not too bad. Once on the plane I used my TENS, back thing and slept most of the way even though I was uncomfortable with all that, I was not in pain. I was amazed and very happy. Then I only had to get thru the flight from Dallas to San Antonio. That went off well too. I made it home and after I had been sitting for awhile, the twinges began. I went to bed and had to take the Tramadol but that didn’t surprise me. I’m glad I’m home for sure! And very glad it was not bad!!!! Maybe there is some hope.


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