More “Good” Is Coming From My Inability to go To Tennessee.

I am grateful

nothing is good or bad 2Because of my post herpetic neuralgia I can’t go to the Vol State run across Tennessee this year. Already one good thing has come from that (I already wrote about it).

Well, indirectly I guess you could say there is more good from my not being able to go.  I’ve posted in Facebook about my very good friend who is fighting progression of her breast cancer. This woman is remarkable and I only hope that some day I will have one tenth the courage she has.

Anyway, she is still in the hospital (but at least for now is out of the ICU) and hopefully will eventually be transferred to a rehab unit. Her business partner is almost as phenomenal as my friend is. Her strength is also beyond compare. I just sit here on the sidelines about 1700 miles away. But I am here if anyone wants anything medical clarified or wants my opinion about something (I think they just want to make me feel good since there are plenty of competent medical people there). I want to be available and supportive. Were I to go on the 10 day road trek through Tennessee, I would only have my phone on for a few short minutes twice a day (we’re required to check in twice a day). So, I would not be available to be supportive.

Today it’s hard for me to think of this as a positive thing because the pain has really acted up all day. I’ve had to take pain medicines at work TWICE today – something I’ve never done before. So, I’m not feeling all that great. I try to remember how poorly my friend is and how exhausted her business partner is and my pain is nothing in comparison.

Anyway, that is the latest bit of good I can think has come from this disorder.


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4 thoughts on “More “Good” Is Coming From My Inability to go To Tennessee.

    • Thanks Vernon – but 1700 miles away it’s hard to believe. I just want to be of help….and I’m too far away for that.
      Thank you for being in my life and being so supportive.

  1. So sorry this is happening to you. Your kindness is overwhelming, and I am sure your friend appreciates your help.

    Wish we were doing ATY together again.

    • thanks Marie. I’m very overwhelmed right now between the physical pain and the emotional pain. It’s hard to go on. I am still hoping that i can do ATY this year but there has to be a change somewhere. for some reason the pain has worsened in the last two days and i have trouble increasing the gabapentin due to the side effects (the GI ones) so i don’t know what to do. I really don’t want the spinal cord stimulator but the last two days is making me rethink it. thanks so much for your support and prayers for my friend. You know what’s happening with her from your experience so it’s just a matter of waiting.