So That’s What That Pain Has Been

Well, it’s amazing. Now I know what the pain has been that has been intermittently plaguing me since November 2015. The past 5-7 days have been very weird. All weekend I had really really bad left back and chest pain. I could NOT get comfortable at all. So, Tuesday the 17th I went to see my provideIMG_3010r. He didn’t know what was going on so we just decided to watch it. While sitting in the pharmacy waiting room, I had this intense itching under my left breast but didn’t really think anything of it. The rest of that night was consumed with wondering¬† what the abdominal pain I developed was from. Geez, what’s going on here?¬† The morning came and although my back pain had abated some, I was still having this very uncomfortable abdominal stuff so I stayed home from work. A bit later, I looked at the itching area and realized I had shingles. I sent pictures to my PCM and then went to get a prescription for an antiviral.

It made sense now that the pain that I had been having intermittenlty for 4 months was either a pre-shingles prodrome or even another post-shingles pain – in great retrospect I found I had a rash in the same area of my back in September but it didn’t manifest like the full-fledged episode this did. At the time I thought I had a contact dermatitis from my TENS unit but who knows.

All I know is now I definitely have shingles, damn it.


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