This Is “Getting On My Nerves”

Watch Your Words! I've Learned It The Hard Way

watch your wordsYou would think that with as much as I “preach” about the power of your words and that you should reframe what you say into positive ways, that I’d have been able to see this painful condition coming.

I probably have said this phrase way too many times and thought it even more – “he/she/it’s getting on my nerves”. After all it’s just an expression, right? NOT! Whatever you say, your subconscious hears and believes and takes appropriate action.

So what? Well the “what” is that Shingles (the chickenpox virus) hangs out in your body (after you get it as a child) but more specifically it lives in the nerve roots off your spinal cord. Yes, that’s right, I said “NERVE” roots – as in “gets on your nerves” – catch that.

It took me a few months of this pain to put two and two together but you can bet this is a phrase I’m very aware of and avoid like the plague now.  And I am much more acutely aware of what I say or think.

Take this advice to heart. If you constantly say “I’m sick of something” – then examine how often you get sick. Do you say “I’m sick and tired” – then look at what your energy level has been.

Examine what you think and say (not just the out loud part but the things you are thinking too) and modify whatever you need to.





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