Trying to Get Back to Normal Activities

But Going To The Store Sure Didn't Help

yums and yucks-hiThis past weekend I tried to get back into normal activities while still paying attention to my body. I knew that some of what I was going to do was probably going to cause pain (because it had before). But, I know I have to start somewhere.

So, Saturday I walked (not ready to even start running yet – especially after Memorial Day weekend’s experience) 4.5 to 5 miles. Then I went grocery shopping and most importantly I got my car washed (I love my car and have realized it even more since I got it back from the shop).  Then I piddled around the house and straightened things up a bit – not as much as I should have but I did more in that one day than I have since the beginning of Feb.

Sunday, I walked 4.5 miles and had some episodes of “cattle branding” but stopped until they were gone and then continued on, determined not to let this thing keep me from doing what I love.  Then I went to Walmart. That was a problem since I wore my shirt without any protection (lifting it up off the skin). That was a mistake although I have worn that shirt before without protection and without so much problem. Yesterday it was horribly painful all throughout the trip. However, always trying to look at the bright side – having that much pain kept me from buying more…ha ha. How cool is that. I was also able to bite my tongue (not literally) and get through the pain.

I also cooked for the first time in a while. And I got my treadmill out (my neighbor did) and walked on it while I was cooking.  It felt great.

It was a wonderful weekend trying to get back to some semblance of normal.


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