Well, Some Good Came From This

Bringing Joy To Another

My presence on Facebook is intermittent lately. I am really just going to look for posts by Jan Walker who’s doing what I have wanted to do since the early 90s (1990s not 1890s  – ha ha) – running acrossjans header the United States. She is brave and determined and since I want to follow in her footsteps I check FB for her posts every day.


An old picture of him but showing his support for pancreatic cancer research

Yesterday I just happened upon this post from a great guy I “know” through Facebook – BJ- he was inquiring about doing Vol State and the race director – Laz – told him he might be able to squeeze him in. BJ said he just needed to figure out how to get the entry fee.

I wrote them both and offered my entry fee for him. Bottom line – Laz did his magic (since the race is full) and he’s going to let BJ in. BJ seemed really happy and I’m glad I could help. He has done the run across the US twice and is a great supporter and fund raiser for pancreatic cancer research. He does so much for others that I am glad I can do something for him.

So, some good has come from this. Had I been selfish and gone and tried to do the race I would not have made it and now someone else whom I know can finish will have the opportunity. Small things but I am reaching for anything to be grateful for and happy about. Good luck BJ and thanks to Laz for making it happen.


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